lot of WordPress sites need to take advantage of cache clearing plugins

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lot of WordPress sites need to take advantage of cache clearing plugins to be quick on desktop or mobile devices. The theme added to the site and or add-ons have a negative impact on the speed of the site is a wordpress cache plugin must be used.

Are you satisfied with the speed performance of your WordPress site? If you’re not and your site is slow, it’s time to use a cache plugin.

WordPress cache cleaning, especially useful with caching operations, as well as having services such as CDN provides great convenience. Cache plugins for clearing unnecessary, excessive, unused tables, cookies and cached versions are a must for wordpress sites.

A high page speed will benefit you in many ways. Websites should have a pretty good boot speed and load time. It announced that the opening of a site like Amazon, just over a second late, had led to 1.6 million losses in sales. This means that users are focused on making quick decisions. For this reason, it is very likely that pages that are opened late and loaded Late will exit.

Falling traffic and pageviews
Even if you don’t sell anything on your website, that is, even if you have a blog-style address, it will be almost impossible to capture the audience you are targeting. users can leave late-opened and late-loaded sites and turn to other sites in google searches. This will damage you both in terms of SEO and traffic.

Google search engine bots monitor all users ‘ behavior on your site and collect data. By analyzing the rate at which you get out of your site, it creates huge drops in the ranking of your words.

The Google search engine evaluates your site’s ranking according to the speed of your site and evaluates your site accordingly. So you need to have a faster site to get more traffic.

WordPress Acceleration
There are many ways to speed up your WordPress site. The best options include cache plugins. Even if you install and activate WordPress Cache plug-ins, it affects the speed of the site.

What does the cache caching plugin do?
WordPress caching plugins help your site run more efficiently. There is no need to use more than one cache cleanup plug-in.

Caching occurs when a user enters your site. Your site opens and loads more quickly and dynamically when you log into the next site.

Which is the best WordPress Cache plugin?
WordPress to improve your site’S SEO, increase user conversion rates, gain more visitors, make more sales, and Google search to get top rank in a cache, cache add-on, and increase the speed of your site.

Which is the best wordpress cache plugin? it’s kind of hard to answer his question. This is due to user experience and experience. The wordpress cache plugin, which is useful for some websites, may not show the same yield on any other website.

For this reason, I listed the top 5 wordpress cache cleaning plug-in with its features.

WordPress Cache plugins ‘ for you among my nazarımda selected the best 5 wordpress cache plugins ni share with the features. Here are the 5 Best wordpress cache plugins .

1st. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache Plugin
The W3 Total Cache Cache plugin has been downloaded over one million times and is the second most downloaded cache plugin in its field. As a wordpress cache plugin for more than a decade, wordpress continues to be updated to be more efficient for sites.

W3 Total Cache improves your site’S SEO and user experience by improving the performance of your website, reducing load times with features such as content delivery network (CDN) integration and best practices.

2nd ed. Wp Super Cache

WP Super Cache plugin
WP Super Cache Cache plugin wordpress.org most downloaded from the first cache plugin. Wp Super Cache plugin +is among the most inidirilen wordpress plugins with more than 2 million downloads. Also the WP Super Cache plugin fully supports 17 languages.


This plugin creates static HTML files on your WordPress blog. Once an html file is created, your web server will serve this file instead of processing the relatively heavier and slower WordPress PHP scripts.

Static html files are presented to most of your users:

Users who have not logged in.
Users who have not left comments on your blog.
Or users who have not looked at a password-protected post.
3. WP Rocket

WP Rocket Plugin
The only non-free cache plugin among WordPress Cache cleaning plugins is the WP Rocket Plugin. Installed on more than 100,000 sites, although paid for, this add-on can be bought for$ 49 for a single site and$ 99 for three sites.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s paid. Pagespeed and GTmetrix sites according to the analysis results better than other cache add-ons. So for the best cache plugin for a wordpress site, I can easily recommend the WP rocket plugin.

4. Wp Fastest Cache

Wp Fastest Cache plugin
If a large number of visitors come to a site, the system uses a lot of RAM and CPU, so the page opens very slowly. In this case, you need a cache System to avoid opening the page repeatedly. The cache System creates and saves a static html file. Other users reach the static html page.

In addition, site speed is used in Google’s search ranking algorithm, so cache plugins that can increase page load time also improve your SEO ranking.

This plugin is very easy to install. .You do not have to modify the Htacces file. It will be changed automatically.

5. LiteSpeed Cache

WordPress LiteSpeed Cache Plugin
LiteSpeed cache (lscwp) for WordPress is an all-in-one Site acceleration plugin that includes a dedicated server-level cache and a collection of optimization features.

LSCWP supports WordPress Multisite and is compatible with most popular plugins including WooCommerce, bbPress and Yoast SEO.

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