WordPress Cache Plugins Details and Review for 2019

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web site overall performance is some thing each internet site owner needs to fear about. in case your web page doesn’t perform nicely, visitors aren’t going to paste round. Even worse, search crawlers will demote your web site.

There are a number of different things you need to be doing to optimize your website for velocity, but caching have to be close to the pinnacle of the listing. With WordPress, caching is one of those things you’re required to deal with for your own, mainly if you’re on a shared host.

thankfully, there are numerous plugins that allow you to put into effect this selection. on this publish, we’re going to examine 3 of WordPress’ maximum famous caching plugins.

they are WP Rocket, W3 overall Cache and WP notable Cache. This is a part 3 in our 3-part series on WP Rocket. check out the alternative parts in case you’d like to examine greater approximately this plugin particularly:

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assessment of WordPress’ pinnacle Caching Plugins
permit’s pass over the basics of every of those plugins before we get into the specifics of the whole thing they ought to provide.

WP Rocket WordPress Plugin assessment

WP Rocket is a premium plugin that became released in 2013. It’s designed for everyday WordPress customers, though it has lots of developer-pleasant functions as well. at the side of caching, this plugin allows you to optimize your website for velocity with record optimization, lazy loading, database optimization and extra.

W3 overall CacheW3 total Cache
writer(s): Frederick Townes

cutting-edge model: zero.10.2

final up to date: 13. November 2019


one million+
WP 3.2+
At over 1 million active installs, W3 total Cache is one of the maximum famous caching plugins available for WordPress. It’s a free plugin that offers an remarkable number of superior capabilities. This goes beyond caching and includes integration with CDN offerings, minifying of CSS and JavaScript files, and extra.

WP notable CacheWP terrific Cache
author(s): Automattic

contemporary version: 1.7.0

closing updated: 16. August 2019


WP 3.1+
WP first rate Cache is the legitimate caching plugin for WordPress, that means it’s developed by Automattic, the equal employer that runs WordPress. It has over 2 million energetic installs. It’s a easy plugin that allows caching and preloading, permits you to control caching, and integrates with CDN offerings.

With that stated, allow’s get into our comparisons. We’ll be trying out the functions these plugins offer, how they carry out, their pricing systems in addition to the support they offer.

Caching Plugin features
let’s kick things off by means of discussing the features each of these plugins offer, starting with WP Rocket. We’ll get to pricing in a piece, however it should be noted WP Rocket is a premium plugin completely even as W3 overall Cache and WP remarkable Cache both come in loose versions.

WP Rocket capabilities
WP Rocket’s number one features are page caching and browser caching. It additionally allows you to manipulate the manner your site handles caching. you can minify CSS and JavaScript documents, lazy load media, optimize your database, and connect your CDN. more superior customers can “exceptional song” the plugin’s settings with superior caching regulations.

right here are some additional features:

Cache Scheduling
GZIP Compression
Google Fonts Optimization
eliminate question Strings from Static assets
Defer JavaScript Loading
guide for mobile-handiest Pages
Integration with eCommerce Plugins, Multilingual Plugins and WordPress Multisite
Developer friendly
W3 general Cache features
W3 general Cache’s primary features are web page caching and browser caching, just like WP Rocket. however, W3 overall Cache’s Settings page allows you to permit positive varieties of caching that aren’t gift on WP Rocket’s Settings page. those consist of database caching and object caching.

alas, those types of settings make W3 total Cache one of the most complicated caching plugins to configure. Many web page owners even go away some of these settings disabled as they most effective purpose issues, consisting of slowing down the backend of WordPress.

With that stated, right here are a few additional features W3 overall Cache gives:

Minifying of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
guide for SSL
aid for AMP
guide for cellular-only Pages
opposite Proxy Integration
Caching Stats
Fragment Cache (seasoned)
OPcache (seasoned)
Google PageSpeed Insights Integration
Developer friendly
WP fantastic Cache functions
WP tremendous Cache is one of the best caching plugins available for WordPress. It actually has an ON/OFF feature that permits you to permit and disable caching simply. There also are some superior features for more experienced users. those include GZIP compression, dynamic caching and aid for cellular-simplest pages.

here are additional settings WP extraordinary Cache offers:

Integration with CDN offerings
Caching records
Disable Caching for regular site visitors
Disable Caching for Pages with GET Parameters
Caching Plugin performance
every plugin comes with a distinct set of options you can use to optimize your website for speed. while it got here to load instances, i found WP Rocket to perform the first-rate in both its optimized and unoptimized states.

here’s a desk breaking down the load time outcomes I obtained from Pingdom and GTmetrix:

Pingdom (secs) GTmetrix (secs)
No Caching 0.ninety seven 1.9
Unoptimized: WP Rocket 0.82 1.5
Unoptimized: W3 total Cache zero.ninety eight 1.9
Unoptimized: WP exceptional Cache 0.ninety three 1.eight
Optimized: WP Rocket 0.seventy six 1.three
Optimized: W3 total Cache 1 1.eight
Optimized: WP extraordinary Cache zero.ninety five 1.6
The web site I examined is hosted on SiteGround’s most inexpensive shared server. I ran each take a look at several instances and used a test location closest to my information center. The numbers you spot at the desk are the averages of three checks.

The “unoptimized” exams used every plugin’s default functions, normally page caching and browser caching. The “optimized” tests protected functions like minification and deferred JavaScript.

WP Rocket was the clean winner in my assessments whilst WP brilliant Cache and W3 total Cache didn’t seem to make a good deal of a difference in the way my web site executed.

I ought to note that my daily drivers for this site encompass WP exceptional Cache and plugins that allow lazy loading, minifying and the deferring of JavaScript. My load instances with this configuration are typically around seven hundred milliseconds.

i used to be most surprised by W3 general Cache. My site isn’t nearly as slow as it can be on its very own, however I anticipated one in every of WordPress’ pinnacle caching plugins to at the least make a dent in my web site’s overall performance.

Caching Plugin Pricing
each of these plugins has a distinctive pricing shape. WP Rocket is a top class plugin solely even as W3 overall Cache and WP tremendous Cache provide caching without cost. however, W3 overall Cache has a top class version even as WP wonderful Cache is available exclusively for free.

right here’s a fundamental evaluation of the way an awful lot these plugins cost:

WP Rocket W3 general Cache WP remarkable Cache
unmarried License – $49 free unfastened
Plus License – $ninety nine seasoned – $ninety nine —
endless License – $249 — —
WP Rocket has 3 pricing plans based totally on the quantity of web page licenses you need, be it one, 3 or unlimited. support and updates are to be had for one year, at which factor you’ll be required to resume your license for a discount of 30%.

W3 general Cache pro permits this plugin’s fragment cache and OPcache settings.

Caching Plugin assist
The various pricing structures those plugins provide have brought about a natural disparity in the assist they offer. WP Rocket offers ticket guide Monday thru Saturday throughout everyday commercial enterprise hours. Their pricing plans are based strictly on the quantity of licenses you need, so that you won’t obtain precedence support via actually paying more.

WP Rocket additionally gives an extensive documentation that indicates you to configure and optimize every setting. Their weblog is also full of performance tips for WordPress. The articles on this blog are written for general WordPress customers so that you can give an explanation for complex topics in a clear manner.

W3 overall Cache and WP high-quality Cache both offer guide via their respective assist forums on WordPress.org. W3 total Cache does a miles higher task at preserving up with the guide requests that come via their forum. As of March 2019, 184 out of 214 requests had been resolved in the ultimate months.

Getting assist from WP super Cache is hit or leave out. in the ultimate months, best 12 out of seventy six assist requests were resolved. Replies to help threads also are commonly written by different WordPress customers, not Automattic.

W3 total Cache pro comes with e-mail assist you can use to contact the builders when you have a question. however, you can want to pay an audit or consultation charge if the trouble calls for an analysis of your internet site or deeper investigation.

very last thoughts
every plugin has its strengths and weaknesses, and whilst W3 overall Cache didn’t training session so nicely for me, its 1+ million active installs and four.3 big name-score offer sufficient proof of its performance for different users. Plus, it offers quite a few superior features with out charging a penny for them.

still, it’s a reasonably complex plugin that may be pretty intimidating for a few customers. It’s also been regarded to interrupt some web sites. Plus, the developer might also request which will pay a premium charge if the issue is simply too severe.

WP terrific Cache is a fine caching plugin that has easy capabilities for low-traffic web sites or customers with little technical understanding. It also has some advanced capabilities for electricity customers.

help is that this plugin’s weak factor. Like I stated, receiving support in the WordPress forum from the actual developers isn’t always probably. Plus, there’s no hope of receiving precedence aid as there’s no premium alternative for this plugin.

WP Rocket performed nice on my take a look at internet site in each its optimized and unoptimized versions. it may no longer be free, bu it has a extensive sort of capabilities that allow you to optimize your web page for speed in more than one methods. Plus, it’s by using a ways the very best to configure out of the 3 plugins tested right here. aid is likewise quite on hand.

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